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Refresh Plastics  Head Office.

Refresh Plastics acquired (15 May 2017) AMPI Plastics which began as a company on the 15th June 1976. Operation commenced with two small machines in a small garage with one employee.

At the time of acquisition AMPI Plastics had grown in operation whereby more than 20 machines are in use. These machines are able to produce products from 5mL up 200 litres in capacity. This all takes place now in 3 buildings totalling approximately 40,000 sq metres, with a dedicated workforce of over 30 employees.

Refresh Plastics are able to produce a wide variety of in house lines, as well as custom moulded products. Refresh Plastics is always looking into the future to expand its operations.

On the 15 May 2017, it was acquired by Refresh Plastics Pty Ltd, a wholly-owned subsidiary of ASX – Listed Refresh Group Ltd (ASX: RGP)

Refresh Plastics Pty Ltd

Refresh Plastics & Ampi Action Kids Toys

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